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Game Overhaul v0.5

Game Overhaul v0.5

por glorysky » Vie, 11 Ene 2013, 01:34


List of game changes:
- Ai uses now Tuning Kits made by me
- More Ai on roads made by Memphic
- Ai uses low and medium cabins made by me
- New trucks available to buy at dealer: Mercedes Axor made by Danz, and Mercedes Actros MPIV made also by Danz.
- Mercedes Axor is available at quick jobs
- Mercedes Axor is available as Ai car made by me
- Medium and Low roof interiors made by szeryff123.
- Fixed Volvo tachometer by szeryff123
- DAF XF fix for missing cables and stuff on chassis (was only a texture). Made by szeryff123 (Many thanks bro! You rock!)
- Some other tweaks and improvements made by me
- New Soundtrack (look below for song list)

How to install:
1. Place zZzZzZzZzZzZzGame_Overhaul_05.scs, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzinteriors.scs and new_soundtrack.scs into C:/users/your user name/My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod
2. Read 'After installing mod' section

After installing mod:
CAUTION! This instruction applies only to low roof and medium roof cabins! If you have highroof you don't need to do that.
1. Load save game that you currently use.
2. Go to to nearest service station or truck dealer.
3. Go straight to interior menu where you choose interior type (exclusive, standard, UK variants), and check one interior. If you don't do that and try to change cabin first- game will crash. If you went to truck dealer, you can skip below steps, buy new truck, and enjoy your game.
4. Buy interior or choose other cabin now
5. Have fun


After doing above things, game will never crash when changing cabin in any truck.
I strongly recommend to make a backup copy of your save game, before you install this mod. Game can crash when you try to load saved game or profile with mod, when you removed it.

DAF, Mercedes (Axor) Dealer: To prevent crashing when changing cabin from Space Cab Plus to Super Space Cab I needed to remove sunshield and foward mirror in some available trucks. Just buy foward mirror and sunshield when you buy new truck. Problem is probably present in vanila ETS2, because it crashed for me.
This solution is permament and only one that is working and buying these parts doesn't make game crash again on cabin change, even if choosing stock mirror or sunshield.

If you want to return to old soundtrack, remove new_soundtrack.scs from C:/users/your user name/My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod

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Re: Addition to the global map 1.5

por Falconeye » Vie, 11 Ene 2013, 12:09

Gracias lo probare a ver que tal :P
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Re: Addition to the global map 1.5

por San Cucufato » Sab, 12 Ene 2013, 12:21

Después de leerme la explicación pienso que debe ser un peaso de mod, asi que sin ninguna duda, lo probaremos jeje :ba , gracias por el aporte compañeros... y como se dice en nuestro mundillo: buena ruta y mejor retorno jeje salud compañeros.
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